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SID Signature data base

SID Signature data base

Off-Line signature database that contain 6,000 genuine signatures corresponding to 100 Tunisians with different ages and cultural and scientific levels. Each signatory has provided 60 spaced-out samples to avoid possible geometric variations related to the appending close to the time of signatures. We have enriched our database by adding 2,000 samples of two forgery types: the forgeries by skilled imitation and simple forgeries. 10 forgers have been solicited to collect the forged signatures. Each forger has provided, spaced in time, 2 simple forgeries and 2 ones by a skilled imitation of each signature class without any prior learning.

The different signature samples have been affixed by means of a blue ballpoint pen on white A4 paper forms divided into 15 blocks of the same size. the extracted signatures are in "bmp format", in black and withe and 300dpi.

Samples of the SID-Signature database




Simple Forgery

Random forgery


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