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OLIMP Database

OLIMP Database

OLIMP’s description :

OLIMP (A heterOgeneous MuLtimodal Dataset for Advanced EnvIronMent Perception) is a multimodal dataset for advanced environment perception for Intelligent Transportation Systems. It has been recorded in real-world conditions and the scenes are recorded using 4 modalities: camera, ultra-Wideband Radar ,narrow-band Radar and acoustic sensor. It is the first public, multimodal and synchronized dataset that includes Ultra-Wide Band radar data, images, narrow-band radar data and acoustic data. OLIMP comprises 407 scenes and 47,354 synchronized frames, presenting four categories: pedestrian, cyclist, car and tram. The dataset includes various challenges related to dense urban traffic such as cluttered environment and different weather conditions (sunny, cloudy and snowy weather).
OLIMP is organized in 6 subsets from C0 to C5. C0 contains background only, C1 includes either one, two or a group of pedestrians. C2 comprises cyclists, C3 and C4 include respectively vehicles and trams. The final subset C5 contains the different possible combinations of the aforementioned classes introduced in OLIMP dataset considering various scenarios.

 The figures below show some samples of the dataset.

This dataset can be downloaded and used for education and research purposes. To use this dataset please give credit by citing the following paper:

-Link to the paper: OLIMP
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To download this database, please send a request to :