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LATIS-PACTE-PROFILER is a database of faces of suspects related to terrorist attacks that took place in different countries of the world mainly between 2013 and 2015. It is developed as part of a  federated research project to combat terrorism.

The database includes currently 213 samples that correspond to 70 terrorists of different ethnic groups:

  • There are 68 men and two
  • There are different origins: Chechnya, Algeria, Canada, Libya, Mali, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Pakistan …
  • There are different nationalities: Canadian, French, Canadian, Russian, American, Belgian, Tunisian …
  • The age range varies approximately between 19 and 35 years.

The database presents major complexities:

  • The number of samples varies from one person to another from one sample to 12 samples.
  • The face images have important intra personal variation: with and without a beard, wearing cap, scarf or glasses or not, lighting variation, pose variation, blurry or cropped images, etc


Samples of the LATIS-PACTE-PROFILER_Database

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