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Best full paper award
08 OCT
Best full paper award

Le laboratoire LATIS félicite Abir Mhenni d'avoir eu le prix du "Best full paper award" à la conférence internationale Cyberworlds 2018 pour son travail intitulé : "User Dependent Template Update for Keystroke Dynamics Recognition".


Regarding the fact that individuals have different interactions with biometric authentication systems, several techniques have been developed in the literature to model different users categories. Doddington Zoo is a concept of categorizing users behaviors into animal groups to reflect their characteristics with respect to biometric systems. This concept was developed for different biometric modalities including keystroke dynamics.
The present study extends this biometric classification, by proposing a novel adaptive strategy based on the Doddinghton Zoo, for the recognition of the user's keystroke dynamics. The obtained results demonstrate competitive performances on significant keystroke dynamics datasets.