Laboratory of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Systems




The Laboratory of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Systems (LATIS) in the National Engineering School of Sousse is a research laboratory that develops multidisciplinary research in the field of electrical engineering and information technology.

Our research activities hinge on four main themes:

  • Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
  • Document Analysis and Processing
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Operating Reliability
  • Renewable Energies, Smart Grid and Machine Control

The different proposed projects have been part of international topical research axes for the resolution of the various considered issues related to:

  • Analysis and processing of images derived from the heritage of ancient documents
  • Securing individuals and virtual worlds
  • Analysis and interpretation of biomedical signals
  • Processing of medical images
  • Development of new methods for characterizing electromagnetic disturbances
  • Integration of electromagnetic compatibility at the stage of virtual prototyping
  • Formal verification of the safety and attainability of hybrid dynamic systems
  • Fault-tolerant control and diagnosis and their application on complex embedded systems